August 18th 2019

The weekly ‘30’ Card Game continues in the Community Centre this Friday 23rd August 2019 at 9pm. Thanks to the ladies for the teas last week. Catering on Fri 23rd will be;
Margo O’Reilly & Dympna Bradley. On Fri 30th will be:
Brigid Boland, Edel English & Fiona Power. On Fri 6th Sept will be: Mary Delaney, Sheelagh Delaney, Catherine O’Rourke & Elizabeth Greene. On Fri 13th Sept will be:
Catherine Walsh, Eileen J. Walsh, Eileen N. Walsh.
Proceeds going to Parish Funds.
Card winners on Fri 9th Aug were: Nick Doyle, Andy Reville, Richie Murphy, Paddy Finn, John Furlong, Jim Wickham, Phil Jackman & Seamus Wickham.
Carl M Cannon has a great article on
about ‘distracted driving’, the habit of using mobile and smart phones while driving. He started with a coach driver who missed a sign to move into an inner lane, and the roof of the coach was peeled off by a low bridge. The man was talking to his sister on a hands-free mobile phone. Texting and reading or even answering voice-activated while driving are even more lethal. Cannon cited a test carried out by Car & Driver magazine. A red light was installed to tell the test drivers who were doing 70 mph when to hit the brakes.
Drivers with no distractions hit the brakes after half a second. Those reading emails travelled an extra 36 feet.
The message is clear for all drivers – switch off while driving.
A BIT OF HUMOUR (Ireland’s Eye)
Legendary Irish comedian Hal Roche was a frequent traveller to America. The late comic had a few observations on the Land of the Free which we reprint here.
I went to Macy’s in New York, to the men’s department, and I said to a fellow there, ‘Can you show me the cheapest suit in the store? And he said ‘You’re wearing it”
I was in Las Vegas, that was exciting. I have property there now. Two of the hotels are holding my luggage. There’s no way you can win at gambling in Vegas, not really. I knew one man in Reno that used to go down to the gaming tables every night and only making mental bets. And he lost his mind. “ I met an Irish plumber looking thoughtfully at Niagara Falls. “Well, I don’t know now,’ he said. ‘But I think I can fix this”
Due to a delay in the printing of the Lotto tickets, the Lotto draw has been postponed to Friday August 23rd.
The draw will take place in the Community Centre for a Jackpot of €6,600. Keep on buying the tickets and in doing so support your local GAA, Soccer Club and Parish.
SYMPATHY - Eddie (Ned) O’Shea
Our condolences to Jimmy & Betty O’Shea and to Peggy and Paddy Gethings and family, Adamstown on the recent death of their brother Eddie (Ned) O’Shea, New Zealand and formerly Adamstown. Ned left Adamstown in 1957 and resided in the south island of New Zealand for 62 years where he turned his hands to many trades including potato and sheep farming and rearing greyhounds before buying a Pub in Taylorville in 1996. Upon his retirement in 2011 he moved to the gold mining town of Ross on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Ned’s funeral took place in Hokitika on Saturday 17th August. A memorial service will also be held for his family and friends in Methven where Ned resided for 40 years. Predeceased by his wife June. Sympathy is extended to their children Jim, Tom and Kate, grandchildren Anastasia, Sommer and Gemma and daughter-in-law Shirley. Also to his wife Sandra and her sons Shane and Tim. New was predeceased by his parents, Jim and Nellie, brother Tommy and sisters Mary and Eileen. Sympathy also to his brothers Johnny, Maurice and Patsy. A memorial Mass was celebrated in St. Abban’s Church, Adamstown on Friday night 16th August.
May he rest in peace.
National Heritage Week takes place from Sat 17th Aug – Sun 25th Aug and there are lots of free activities for all the family.
The chosen theme for this year’s Heritage Week is the celebration of Pastimes and Past Times.
JFK Arboretum & Memorial Park has a range of free activities.
Tues 20th – Clever Trees: From prehistoric survival strategies to underground communication – just how clever are trees? Take a guided tour & learn more about the arboretum’s clever tree collection.
Wed 21st – 10am – 5pm. The Ancient Craft of Knitwear, a demonstration of heritage knitting techniques by Mary Redmond, suited to families & children.
Fri Aug 23rd – Walking Tour with Cormac Downey at 12pm.
Fri Aug 23rd – 8pm – 9.30pm: a talk on bats, this guided bat walk by field ecologist Harm Deenen will seek out one of our most mysterious Irish mammals.
Get Wild at Wells’ for little ones with a scavenger hunt and
plenty more activities on Wed 21st.
National Heritage Park: wool felting, archery, Viking coin striking and an opportunity to get up close and personal with their birds of prey.
Hook Lighthouse: Aug 24th – whale & dolphin day offers fascinating information on how best to spot the kind of whales, which are frequent visitors to the peninsula.
For more information & full programme of all events visit
Libraries around the county on topics such as Irish Folklore and Mythology.
Sat 17th – Tom (Tiddler) Byrne, Kellystown (A)
Sun 18th - People of the Parish
Sat 24th – John, Bridie, Nicholas & Sr. Eleanor Whelan,
Kellystown (A)
Sun 25th – Pat Power, The Leap (A)
May they rest in peace.
Sat 17th – Ross English, James Furlong, Aoife McCabe, Conall Doyle.
Sun 18th – Aimee Mackey O’Donohue, Emma Carty
Sat 24th – Áine Crean, Luke Cullen
Sun 25th – Amelia Swierczynska, Paddy Connors
Sat 31st – Jack O’Shea, Stephen Power
Sun Sept 1st – Maeve O’Gorman, Sinéad Duffy
Sat 17th – T. J. McDonald.
Sun 18th – Callie Doyle.
Sat 24th – Ulick Stafford.
Sun 25th – Ann Ryan.
Sat 31st – Anthony McGee.
Sun 1st Sept – Betty O’Shea
Sun 18th Aug – Focus on Healing
Blessing of the Sick – 3pm with Guest Singer – Fr. Ray Kelly.
Wed 21st Aug – Focus on Angels 8pm.
Author and Speaker Francesca Brown.
Sun 25th Aug – Focus on Faith with Fr. Brian Darcy.
Our Annual Parish Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Island will take place on Monday 26th August, meeting in front of the Church in Our Lady’s Island at 7pm. Procession with Rosary around the Island followed by Mass at 8pm. Stopping off in Cooper’s Inn on the way home for refreshments, all welcome to come along.
When he was Bishop of Venice, one of his priests was the subject of scandalous rumours. The future Pope,Cardinal Roncalli, called in to visit the priest. The poor fellow probably expected a stern warning. However, the Cardinal knelt down in front of the priest and asked him to hear his confession. In his gentle, positive way he reminded the priest of who he was and what he could be. The tiny spark among the ashes was fanned into a flame. A priest who was at breaking point was given hope, direction and dignity. That was how Jesus treated sinners who struggled with human weakness. “He will not break the crushed reed, nor put out the smouldering wick”
Our Annual Patron takes place on Sunday 1st September with Mass in St. Abban’s Church at 1.30pm followed by Blessing of Graves.
WHO ARE YOU? (Pioneer Magazine)
A preacher once gave a graphic description of the different ways in which people give.
There are three kinds of givers – the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb. To get anything out of the flint, you must strike it – then you only get sparks and chips. To get water out of a sponge, you must squeeze it; the more you squeeze it, the more you get out of it. But the honeycomb just overflows with its sweetness.
The following analogy has been attributed to Gautama Buddha. There are three kinds of people in the world.
The first are like letters carved in a rock; they easily give way to anger and retain their angry thoughts for a long time. The second are like letters written in the sand; they give way to anger also, but their angry thoughts quietly pass away.
The third are like letters written in running water, they do not retain their passing thoughts; they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass unnoticed; their minds are always pure and undisturbed.
You choose which one you want to be.
Thanks to those who have contributed to the Mid-Summer Dues.
The Parish Newsletter has been published in our Parish every week for twenty years now. Unfortunately at the present time, few organizations give us items for inclusion in the Newsletter.
We are aware that most information is now available on Face book or other platforms, but a big number of people; mostly our older folk who enjoy the weekly newsletter do not have access to these. Perhaps local organizations might consider sending us items by e-mail or drop in to Betty O’Shea. It would be such a pity to lose our local identity.
We in rural Ireland need to keep our small community based services intact as much as we can, too much is already being taken away from us forever.
You may e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DID YOU KNOW? Ireland’s Own
The average supermarket contains enough food to keep you alive for 55 years – or 65 years if you don’t mind eating pet food!
Separate or de-stem your bought bananas to slow down the ripening process.
There will be a Public Meeting this Monday night Aug 19th in Coláiste Abbáin at 7.30pm to discuss the transport problem that has occurred due to 35 students being told that they have no bus transport this school year.
Parents and pupils are in limbo at the moment just a week before the school re-opens and urgent action needs to be taken. All welcome to attend and lend your support.